Please don't be rude, I'm not looking for making a living on bitcoin mining, I'm just experimenting with it a bit. At least I would like to, but I can not use properly the GUIMiner. I reckon that I should be getting a bit better rates, like twice as good as now.

I don't see any option to enable processing by the GPU, I can only see my CPU in the list. My hardware: Intel Dual-Core E5200, 2GB DRR2 RAM, Radeon HD7730 2GB VGA.

I've already installed the AMD developer tools/kit, it made no difference.

It really looks like to me, that it only uses my CPU.


GUIMiner screenshot


It is recognizing your GPU, as "capeverde". ATI has code-names for their GPU revisions, such as Cape Verde, Winter Park, Tahiti, and so on, listed here. Cape Verde matches your model on that list.

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