After I imported keys to the brand new wallet I tried to test that it is imported properly so I ran salvagewallet command to verify my new wallet but got these errors!

2014-08-21 12:17:28 WARNING: CWalletDB::Recover skipping key: 
2014-08-21 12:17:28 WARNING: CWalletDB::Recover skipping key: Error reading wallet database: CPubKey/CPrivKey corrupt

Could you please help me to understand/solve this problem?


How can you verify a wallet ?

I think you should use

"C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe" -zapwallettxes -dbcache=3000

it will clean the transactions and give you the edge of faster reload.


salvagewallet is a disaster recovery tool, you should never be using it as a "verify" for your wallet. Some of the time salvagewallet will actually result in loss of funds rather than doing anything useful. Not running the command will fix your problem.

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