In the miners (sgminer) log file I have the following lines:

[21:14:19] ADL index 0, id -546853344 - BIOS partno.: 113-C3865001-T04, version:, date: 11/25/13 02:47
[21:14:19] GPU 0 assigned: iAdapterIndex:0 iPresent:1 strUDID:256:26520:4098:12289:5963 iBusNumber:1 iDeviceNumber:0 iDrvIndex:0 iFunctionNumber:0 iVendorID:4098 name:AMD Radeon R9 200 Series                    

Can I use the information above to identify the exact GPU type? It's clear about the AMD Radeon R9 200 Series family, but I need the exact type also.

Is there any database I can use?


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