I've a problem with the callback. The post data is not right, because the users cents is not update.

My Code:

    public function bitcoin($secret) {
        if($secret == App::Config(ROW_CONFIG_COINBASE_SC)) {
            if($_POST) {
                $total = User::Get($_POST["custom"], FIELD_USERS_CENT) + $_POST["total_native"];
                User::Set($_POST["custom"], FIELD_USERS_CENT, $total);
        } else {

the post data:

    "order {

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You're not accessing the post data correctly.

$data = json_decode(file_get_contents("php://input"))['order'];
$total = User::Get($data['custom'], FIELD_USERS_CENT) + $data['total_native']['cents'];
User::Set($data['custom'], FIELD_USERS_CENT, $total);

See also.

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