I know you can use various APIs to get the balance for a given bitcoin address, but is there a way to total all the bitcoin that were ever received at a given address?

A so-called "transaction history" for a given address?

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BlockTrail's address API will do what you're looking for.

Calling URL:



    "address": "1NcXPMRaanz43b1kokpPuYDdk6GGDvxT2T",
    "hash160": "ED12908714FFD43142BF9832692017E8AD54E9A8",
    "balance": 49497392,
    "received": 115015000,
    "sent": 65517608,
    "unconfirmed_received": 0,
    "unconfirmed_sent": 0,
    "unconfirmed_transactions": 0,
    "total_transactions_in": 4,
    "total_transactions_out": 10,
    "category": "donations",
    "tag": "blocktrail"

Bitcoin-Abe can do this, and I wrote a guide on installing it here.

Once you have it installed, issue a getrecievedbyaddress request.

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