What merchant solutions are available to integrate Bitcoin in an online store? Is there a wiki page that describes the different merchant solutions?

Note - This question was originally asked specifically for a PHP store, but since most solutions are platform-agnostic this part was edited away.


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StrongCoin has developed a PHP script for fast handling of micro transactions. You can read more on it here:

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    Nov 27, 2012 at 23:36

You can use the osCommerce shopping cart and there is a payment module here ( https://github.com/weex/oscommerce-bitcoin ) that works but could use some testing. There is also a bounty of 4.75 BTC if you do in-fact create the first public store using it.

Interacting via php natively is not very easy but typically what's done is to use jsonrpc to talk to a locally running bitcoind (Bitcoin daemon). The module mentioned above provides an example of jsonrpc usage.


PHP developer intro - http://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/PHP_developer_intro


In addition to Strongcoin, there is also Bitpay, which offers more manageable / flexible merchant solutions to developers for a small fee. This only covers your users who want to buy with Bitcoin, however.


An up to date light-weight library is being developed that interfaces with the bitcoin network, includes great extras for example: generating receipts that saves total cost as well as the list of product ids(and verifyable checksums for data integrity), no database integration required. There is also the bitcoin address ownership verification function as well.

Its called Bitcoin Development Kit the link to the source code is here: https://github.com/Xenland/Bitcoin-Development-Kit

The website is http://BitcoinDevKit.com

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