I'm trying to build safe transaction-confirmation app and need to synchronize new not-processed transactions.

For example I monitor address A and have processed last transaction B, how can I ask blockchain "give me all new transactions for address A, which occurred after transaction B",

or the only way here is to use


url with offset and limit options ? Thanks

  • "give me all new transactions for address A from transaction B" - can you clarify this. By definition a transaction has input and outputs, where outputs are the real indicator, also called UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs). Giving an example with transaction IDs and addresses would certainly get you a better answer. Oct 14, 2014 at 10:06

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Blockchain.info's API doesn't operate like a stream like the Twitter feed. You can't page back and forth through the API like that.

For taking payments, it's best to generate a fresh address to receive the coins than to reuse an address over and over. It becomes too much trouble to keep track of where/who each coin came from outside of bitcoin (the software running the wallet). The software does it automatically if you just let it by using a new address for each incoming transaction. Save the unique receiving address in the db and when it receives funds, you can easily find the order to complete.

Try their Receive Payments API. They automate much of the process and post a callback to you once the funds are received.

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