I'm testing out the nxt client and was wondering how do i change the default database download location? Its currently downloading to the current folder (nxt_db).

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From nxtforum.org "Move blockchain location" at http://nxtforum.org/nrs-client-how-to-help/move-blockchain-location/

look in /conf/nxt-default.properties.

In the #### DATABASE #### section, you will find by default

# The nxt_db folder is expected to be in the current working directory, will be created if missing.


NRS will create the database folder in D:/nxt_db.

You can also leave nxt-default properties with default values, and create a user properties file called "nxt.properties" in the same /conf folder. Any values in nxt.properties will override defaults in nxt-default.properties, so a nxt.properties file defining nxt.dbUrl will work the same as the previous edit.

Hope this helps.

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