I've started a mining account of Wemineltc.com, and have decided to go down the track of CPU mining. I looked up the relative tutorials on how to do so, and I got some different results. I set the proxy batch file to

mining_proxy.exe -o freedom.wemineltc.com -p3339

and the minerd batch file to

minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://freedom.wemineltc.com:3339 -O USER.1:12345

One of the tutorials says instead to use the minerd command line of

minderd -a scrypt -O USER.1:12345

I tried the latter minerd command line and it didn't mine, so I tried my own version. Is there any explanation to this? Am I doing something wrong?


Am I doing something wrong?

Yes. mining_proxy is used to translate from stratum to the old getwork protocol. This is useful if you want to use a mining program that does not support stratum, but you still want to get the benefits of stratum.

However, minerd supports stratum out of the box. You don't need mining_proxy.

You should remove the first and third commands.


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