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Why is my client software not receiving bitcoins?

I use an online wallet most of the time but that was recently hacked. How I have yet to determine.

Anyways, I have since created a new account for that system and now use two separate 128bit passwords. So, in my infinite wisdom, about 60 minutes ago I decided to transfer that BTC from the online wallet to the local one on my linux pc. There has yet to be a transaction pop up in the application.

Was my coin lost in the shuffle? Or does it simply just take some time to receive coin in the bitcoin.org wallet application?

  • If you want to receive specific help with your particular problem, you should provide some additional information about your transaction - it's hash, or at least the involved addresses. Without any specific information any answer will be generic at most. – ThePiachu Apr 6 '12 at 21:22
  • And FYI, even though you are using Linux, you still might want to consider protecting the keys in the wallet with the Bitcoin.org client's passphrase encryption feature. – Stephen Gornick Apr 6 '12 at 22:21

Try looking for your online and offline addresses here:


This block explorer lists transactions that are not yet part of a block. If that transaction is found there, it probably will become part of a block soon.

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