I was looking at Blockchain.info's tx volume (in BTC) over the previous year. It goes from about 100k to 400k BTC per day with a peak of over 850k BTC around November. https://blockchain.info/charts/my-wallet-transaction-volume

However, if you look at their graph of the total bitcoin network tx volume over a similar time perdiod, it goes from 100k to 300k without similar peaks. https://blockchain.info/charts/estimated-transaction-volume

This makes it seem like they are doing more volume than the entire network. Is this is a bug, or are they counting something differently (like maybe a send between two wallets is counted twice)? Thanks.

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The estimated transaction volume chart is processed in a way that it removes any change and send-to-self values inside a transaction from its total value. If you want to see the raw chart then you should be looking at the output volume chart instead.


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