I'm doing some bitcoin address collections. If there are some meaningful letters in the address or if the address is created in a meaningful time to me, I will buy it.

How can I know when the address is created?


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Addresses are not created, per se. They're simply a representation of a public key. So, you cannot know when an address is "created."

However, it is possible to know the first time an address is used.

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    Maybe it's more accurate to say that it is possible to know the first time a transaction that moves outputs from/to a specific address is broadcasted (by querying the mempool) and the first time the same transaction is included into one or more blocks (by parsing the blockchain), as a newly-generated address can be used by an offline-generated transaction but we'll never know it unless it is broadcasted to the network, which can take any arbitrary amount of time.
    – user11221
    Dec 17, 2014 at 5:48

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