Here is what I did:

  1. Downloaded Bcoiner on my iPad.
  2. Made an account.
  3. Generated a new address, which was 1NEuLDXuBRTYfcbGpzUbpkr4Sg2p7sNLB4.
  4. I sent 4.69 bitcoins to this address.

I logged back into my account an hour or so later. I found that the address which I created earlier above has disappeared. I sent all my coins there. I can see that they made it to the address but I have no access to them because the address is no longer visible on my account with Bcoiner.

I have emailed support at Bcoiner; they have not replied.

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Unfortunately if this is a Bcoiner bug only them can recover your address and your Bitcoin.

When you generate an address, you generate a private key (linked to your bcoiner account) if Bcoiner can't recover it I'm afraid you have lost your bitcoin forever.

The best solution is then to contact them.

Remember : use a local wallet (Bitcoin-qt for example) and make a bakup of your wallet periodically, if you want to use an online service then make a local backup of your wallet to avoid this kind of problems.


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