I have some BTC (and I really need money now) on my Blockchain.info account, I can't withdraw them (just send them to another BTC address) as it tells me "Private key does not match bitcoin address [my address] = [probablyprivkey1] | [probablyprivkey2]"

The address was created on blockchain.info, not imported.

The incomes are from Apr 03, 2013, and although I was trying to withdraw them for some time, now I've realized that is the last time those bitcoins will be a really large amount of money for me — 0.3651BTC (I'm living in Poland, so it is ~360.59PLN).

I haven't found an answer on forums, so I decided to ask about it myself.

  • Did you try contacting their customer service? – George Kimionis Jan 6 '15 at 2:15
  • I don't understand. Why is it that you can send your Bitcoins to a different address, but you can't withdraw? Aren't the two the same? – Nick ODell Jan 6 '15 at 2:28
  • Their support team is good - open a ticket if you haven't already. Perhaps it relates to something they've changed in the back-end. I've used BCi a lot and never seen that error. – George Jan 6 '15 at 2:34
  • Or.. go to the BCi address book and find the address with the funds in it, then go to settings/advanced and export the private key for that address. Then import the key into a light desktop client such as MultiBit and send using that. – George Jan 6 '15 at 2:36
  • @NickODell I meant that by withdrawal I meant sending. – Michał Krzysztof Feiler Jan 6 '15 at 3:29

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