I recently started using Multibit and today when I opened it the app wouldn't load exchange rates on any of my wallets.

Multibit exchange rate

It shows my balance but not the value in dollars. I have it set to do so but it's not working.


Bitstamp is currently offline for security reasons so that will be why. It'll be back within a day or two. Perhaps there's an option to switch it to use a different exchange's rates.. if not, there should be.


Bitstamp is currently offline. Here's how to get prices from somewhere else:

  1. Click on the currency ticker.

    Currency ticker, click to configure

  2. This will open the preferences menu.

    Scroll down and click the drop down menu labelled "Exchange"

    preference menu, scroll down to exchange

  3. Click "Apply changes"

    apply changes

  4. Done!

    new prices displayed

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