Mt. Gox's sign-up page states:

Please be advised that accessing your account via the Tor network and/or public proxies may result in a temporary suspension of your account, and having to submit AML documents.

Are there other exchanges which do not have such a restriction (e.g. for transfers and account balances below $1K USD for instance?)


BitInstant seems like a nice Tor-friendly option (they even accept deposits in cash): https://www.bitinstant.com/

  • +1 though it's not exactly an exchange, unless I'm mistaken – o0'. Apr 30 '12 at 11:05

Cryptsy is TOR friendly- allowing users to both access the site and maintain accounts via TOR. This is as of 04-08-2014. Conditions may change soon due to "us" accepting USD.


Hitbtc also allows to use it's services via TOR

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