Let's assume that either a bug report exists already, or the problem is unlikely to be caused by a bug.

What I know so far is:

  1. This site will be appropriate for some support questions, and the mechanism for the site encourages peer review of each answer. Here's an example of a support question.
  2. The bitcointalk forums have a technical support category that is likely to give a good response as there are lots of active users.

Where else might I get timely support? (paid or unpaid)


I think you have mentioned them all:



github issues page,


For commercial companies offering bitcoin client support see Stephen Gornick's answer.

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If it is a problem such as a bug that might affect other users, the community wants to know, find the root cause, and document or fix the behavior.

If it is a feature request or suggestion for improvement, there are processes for those as well. e.g., BIP submissions.

There is help from professional service organizations that offer their services as well.

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