I want to find out confirmation number for non-wallet transaction.

When I use CoinService.DecodeRawTransaction(CoinService.GetRawTransaction("5bc89f4e7f7fe4bd6bd15b439038e2a50a88c158680814164d3428a73a84daef")) I got transaction details, but without confirmations field.

I assume I should use GetRawTransaction("..", 1) but got exception "There was a problem deserializing the response from the wallet".

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RPC decoderawtransaction doesn't return a confirmations field so yes, you should use getrawtransaction in its verbose mode instead.

I called BitcoinLib's GetRawTransaction for the tx in question and I got a proper response, as expected:

enter image description here

Please make sure you have BitcoinLib's latest version and that your wallet is synched and indexed.

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