I'm looking at creating a deterministic wallet for some of the less popular altcoins. Bitcoin has a magic byte of '0488b21e' and litecoin '019da462'. How are these determined or calculated? Also how would I generate these values for other altcoins?


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0x0488B21E is the extended public key prefix / version bytes (as described in BIP32) and stands for xpub. In the same manner, 0x019DA462 stands for Ltub.

For bitcoin and litecoin these codes are:

Network             Extended private    Version bytes        Extended public    Version bytes
                    key prefix                               key prefix
Bitcoin main        xprv                0x0488ADE4           xpub               0x0488B21E
Bitcoin testnet     tprv                0x04358394           tpub               0x043587CF
Litecoin main       Ltpv                0x019D9CFE           Ltub               0x019DA462     
Litecoin testnet    ttpv                0x0436EF7D           ttub               0x0436F6E1     
  • How do you go about calculating these values? For example for auroracoin the prefix might be Arub. Commented Jan 10, 2015 at 21:08

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