A Radeon HD 7950 has the following hash rates:

  • Around 600 MH/s for Bitcoin
  • Around 600 KH/s for Litecoin

I used the profitability calculator at bitcoinwisdom to estimate revenue:

  • Bitcoin: 0.06148 USD / Month
  • Litecoin: 0.6661 USD / Month

Am I missing something? Less than 1 dollar per month? Is it because of the specialized mining hardware?


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No you are not missing anything. CPU mining has been unprofitable since 2011, GPU mining just slightly later.

Today, ASICs rule mining. The Bitcoin network has more than 300 Phash/s by now, that is 300,000,000,000 Mhash/s.

The upcoming ASIC miner generation is announced to provide more than 9,000 Mhash/s per Dollar. Times for GPU/CPU mining are long gone.

The situation is largely the same for Litecoin with a slight delay.

Also see: Why does mining profitability tend towards zero?

There might be some altcoins that can still profitably CPU/GPU mined and traded for Bitcoin thereafter, but I am not sure even they are worth when you factor in time investment.

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