i just followed the instructions from degreesof zero built, made and installed bitcoind, but bitcoind was missing from the location above. What's wrong with the procedures please? thanks

https://degreesofzero.com/article/building-bitcoind-from-source-on-ubuntu.html https://degreesofzero.com/article/installing-bitcoind-on-ubuntu.html

  • Your problem is probably related to xabbix's answer. If not, you could try running 'which bitcoind' and if Linux knows where it is, it will tell you.
    – George
    Jan 11, 2015 at 17:45

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If you've followed the first link, you will also need to sudo make install, this will take the relevant binary files and place them in the /usr/local/bin directory.


I think the latest install puts bitcoind and bitcoin-cli in /usr/bin (not in /usr/local/bin).

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