Okay, I imported keys from my desktop to MultiBit, it took a while, now I have got a file on my desktop, when I open it with notepad there is like: "receive, *walletadress", receive walletadress" etc.

Now, could you please tell me how to send money from these wallets to my current main wallet on localbitcoins?

  • I have the same question and the point is that transferring to local bitcoin from another wallet like Exodus requires some fee for example 17$ for my current amount
    – Iman
    Dec 7, 2017 at 19:27

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First of all, there is no need for importing your private keys anywhere else if you want to keep them safe and inaccessible by third parties such as localbitcoins.info. You can simply create Output transaction from your desktop PC from MultiBit wallet to the public key that is presented in your account on localbitcoins.info.

For more information how to create transaction follow guide from Multibit - Send bitcoins


Log into localbitcoins. Find your deposit address and then send from multibit as per the link marek posted.

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