For example, I have a BTC address. Can I (using RPC) get information is this address my local or remote?


The validateaddress RPC will do precisely that. Here's sample output from a testnet address with Bitcoin Core 0.10.0:

    "isvalid" : true,
    "address" : "mgnucj8nYqdrPFh2JfZSB1NmUThUGnmsqe",
    "ismine" : true,
    "iswatchonly" : false,
    "isscript" : false,
    "pubkey" : "03bacb84c6464a58b3e0a53cc0ba4cb3b82848cd7bed25a7724b3cc75d76c9c1ba",
    "iscompressed" : true,
    "account" : "test label"

If the field ismine is false, the address doesn't belong to the currently-running Bitcoin Core wallet.

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    verifyaddress or validateaddress? – karasiov Jan 17 '15 at 21:10
  • @theymos thanks for editing. Karaslov: It was validateaddress; see the edit. (And sorry about the confusion.) – David A. Harding Jan 17 '15 at 21:19

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