In Bitcoin, there will only ever be ~21,000,000 coins (slightly less, technically, but I'll just use 21 million for easy calculation). Each bitcoin is 10^8 satoshis. This means there be a maximum:

2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshis
  • What is the equivalent number for Dogecoin?
  • Is it larger than the maximum 64 bit unsigned integer?
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    This is a minor point of terminology, but the Dogecoin equivalent of Satoshi are called Koinu (romanized Japanese word for puppy). Jul 13, 2015 at 11:49

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Dogecoin has no maximum, because it mints 10k dogecoins per block, forever.

But to answer the spirit of your question, there are 100 million indivisible parts to a dogecoin. You can see that here.

static const int64_t COIN = 100000000;

There are currently 97 billion dogecoins. This is a bit more than 2^63 satoshis.

Is it larger than the maximum 64 bit unsigned integer?

No, but it wouldn't matter if it was. There isn't a limit of 2^64 satoshis on the total money in Bitcoin (or altcoins). However, there is a limit of 2^64 satoshis per output.


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