I just uploaded the BitWasp code into /var/www but when I tried to install using extension BitWasp-master/install/index.php the installation page that I need to make config.php, database.php, and bitcoin.php files writable. And when done I should press F5.

How do I make these files writeable? I don't have permissions to view the contents of those files.

Please help! Thank you


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Most likely, you need to change permissions on those files:

$ chown apache config.php database.php bitcoin.php
$ chmod g+w config.php database.php bitcoin.php

Of course, if you're not using apache or the groupid of the webserver you're using is different, you might need to change "apache" to something else.

Read up on linux file permissions to understand this stuff better.


did you fix it just become root in your terminal and do all the stuff it says. what do you do after pressing F5 ?

also "apt-get install php5-gmp"

add to /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini >> extension=php_gmp.so

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