I imported a watch-only address to bitcoind by using below command:

bitcoin-cli importaddress <myaddress> "testacc" true

According to release notes it should support some rpc calls for this watch- only address:

The following RPCs have optional support for watch-only: getbalance, listreceivedbyaddress, listreceivedbyaccount, listtransactions, listaccounts, listsinceblock, gettransaction.

Even it is not written in release notes, i can catch new transactions by calling listunspent. But the problem is when i try to call

bitcoin-cli listtransactions testacc


bitcoin-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0

the first call returns an empty array and the result of second call doesn't contains any information about this watch-only address. What may be the problem here?

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It seems that v0.10.0 is not documented yet, apart from the release notes. Referring to the github repository: Issue #4045

It appears that a boolean watchonly argument is needed at the end of those commands. Thus below commands would work:

bitcoin-cli listtransactions testacc 100 0 true


bitcoin-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 false true [account, includeempty, includewatchonly]

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