Bitcoin-qt, now bitcoin core is insane. It consumes 40GB hard disk space. It hogs network. I am thinking of using Electrum or something like that.

I want to use another bitcoin client.

Electrum is one of them. However, I got asicminer stocks that send me dividend. I want to import my wallet.dat file into Electrum.

Can that be done?


If you export the private keys for the addresses you want to keep then you are literally your own bank, most wallets allow you to import private keys in some way. I don't know the specifics of doing it on Electrum though.

To export from bitcoin-qt go into the debug console from the menus, and enter

dumpprivkey "1bitcoinaddresshere"

Keep that key safe - it is the key to all coins in that address now, past & future. Don't leave it on your desktop or dropbox, preferably carefully copy and paste it into the other wallet without writing to disk.

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