My Question is below:

I get the value of one USD's amount in bitcoin using the last value from btc-e (In case someone finds this useful..)

The btc-e api call is https://btc-e.com/api/3/ticker/btc_usd


The sum is like this

( 1 / ( 242.291 / 100000000 ) ) / 100000000

= 0.004127268449921788       btc-e exchange price for $1 worth of BTC

//0.00411811                 this is similar to blockchain.info's $1 average price

To explain, I am mimicking https://blockchain.info/tobtc?currency=USD&value=1 as it converts the price of one USD to its value in BTC like so:


My question:

I need to somehow do this with http://dogecoinaverage.com/USD

Which states:

The global volume-weighted average price of one Dogecoin is:

0.00009289 USD

Could I use that information to mathematically get the average price of 1USD in DOGE?


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If x is the number of dogecoins per dollar, then x * 0.00009289 = 1. So

x = 1 / 0.00009289 = 10765.421.

In other words, simply take the reciprocal.

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