Have there been any articles or presentations about Bitcoins in any influential or respected law-related websites or perhaps interviews with notable lawyers or the like?

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There have been plenty of dollars spent on lawyers by Mt. Gox, BitInstant and others, but for specific legal issues.

For instance, a decision after Mt. Gox sued its bank in France:

There is the CryptoCurrency Legal Advocacy Group:

There is an argument that Bitcoin isn't a security (in the U.S.):

Is Bitcoin a commodity then?

Other links:

Ruben Grinberg's paper: Bitcoin: An Innovative Alternative Digital Currency

Real legal issues with virtual currencies:

Quora: Is Bitcoin Legal?

There are even lawyers who accept bitcoin:

But that's about the extent of it, thus far -- at least what's publicly known.


Perhaps the following resources will be of interest to you. I have co-authored Parts I and II of a series about Bitcoin and the recent legal developments that pertain to it.

William B. Fleming and Joseph Evans, Bitcoiners in the Courtroom Part I: Government Oversight, Ford. Corp. L. Forum (Aug. 20, 2013).

TXT: http://fordhamcorporatecenter.org/2013/08/20/bitcoiners-in-the-court-room-part-i-government-oversight/

PDF: http://www.gagespencer.com/firm-news/GSF-Bitcoin-Part-1-Government.pdf

William B. Fleming and Joseph Evans, Bitcoiners in the Courtroom Part II: Civil Litigation and Developments, Ford. Corp. L. Forum (Sept. 23, 2013).

TXT: http://fordhamcorporatecenter.org/2013/09/23/bitcoiners-in-the-court-room-part-ii-civil-litigation-and-developments/

PDF: http://www.gagespencer.com/firm-news/Bitcoiners-in-the-Courtroom-Part-2.pdf

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