This isn't directly related to Bitcoin; rather this is related to Infinitecoin, however the technologies are virtually the same.

The other day I sent 2,000 IFC from my wallet (Infinitecoin-QT for Windows, version to another address.

I looked at this transaction on the blockchain, and it is reporting that I sent 60,000 IFC.

The transaction shows the 2,000 IFC as being sent to the correct address, and then another 58,000 IFC to an unknown address.

Here is a link to the transaction for more info:


I'd really like to know where my 58,000 IFC went!

P.S. My wallet does not show 58,000 missing coins


The 58000 coins have gone to a change address in your wallet. When you sent 2000 from the 60000 UTXO you've had 60000 go out to two inputs: your change address and the spending address.

Keep this in mind: when spending from a single input you're sending the whole lot!

  • What is a change address, and how do I verify this against my wallet? – Matthew Layton May 23 '15 at 10:25
  • Open your debug console from the QT client, and do 'validateaddress x' on the address. Ismine should be true. – karimkorun May 24 '15 at 10:34

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