Are bitcoin related certifications viewed favorably amongst the bitcoin community? I work in a related field and I am interested in pursuing a certification to distinguish myself, but I'm not sure how valuable these things are.

For example the following organizations:

CryptoCurrency Consortium

Digital Currency Council

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It varies.

The first certification you posted, CBP, seems to be broadly well-perceived. As for the second one, I cannot find anyone saying anything about it, besides that it exists.

but I'm not sure how valuable these things are.

I'm not sure either. Similar to security guard training companies, these certification organizations are going to exist along a spectrum of legitimacy.

Personally, (and this is where we go from facts to opinions) I think the CBP test would be worth taking if you already have the knowledge to do so, but beyond that, you're probably better off with a certification in a related field, like RHCE.

  • Looking at the board of directors and advisers it seems like C4 is well-established. I know that Andreas M. Antonopoulos doesn't put his name on just anything.
    – ihtkwot
    Commented May 22, 2015 at 4:11

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