Who runs the Bitcoin Wiki? What is their Twitter account?

  1. I am looking for the community, group or person who runs this site.
  2. Does this being have a Twitter account? The account @bitcoin_wiki exists, but they have only 30 followers, which makes me think they aren’t the real people: so small a follower count doesn’t feel right.

I ask because the site is down and Twitter is a very easy way tell the site administrators. I suppose another method of contact would be fine too.


It's down because it's hosted on the same server as bitcointalk.org (in a separate VM), and the bitcointalk.org server is down. Having them both on the same server has been convenient, but it's unnecessarily disruptive for both sites to go down at once when there are troubles with the host machine/OS/network, so the wiki is going to be moved elsewhere in the near future.

I own the domain name and handle some technical aspects of the wiki's operation, but I am not the best person to contact for most technical problems, and I am not responsible for dictating wiki policy. For both of these things, it's best to join #bitcoin-wiki on Freenode or post in the Wiki section of the forum.

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