Is there specific reference for naming conventions in Bitcoin Core source code?
I see regularity in class naming with prefix "C" (Chain, CInv etc.) or pointer naming with "p" (pprev, pnode etc. ) and am wondering if there's more to my list of prefixes or other conventions.

Is there a Bitcoin-specific naming convention at all?


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  • C stands for Class
  • p for Pointer
  • f for Flag (boolean)
  • n for Number
  • sz for zero terminated string

These conventions are no longer mandatory when contributing to bitcoin core.

You might also read https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/developer-notes.md


The style guide for Bitcoin Core is available on GitHub here. It no longer details a naming convention, but as Nick ODell already mentioned above, variables typically follow a form of Apps Hungarian naming.

In the past, the style guide did include a naming convention, however it has since been removed because it wasn't being consistently followed.

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