First things first, I'm a newbie in everything related to bitcoins.

I'm analyzing a few tens of addresses checking which ones have received payments, and one of them is the following: https://blockchain.info/address/121orLQW2LanEtso2htwZSfZ3vV4toLKt6. I'm not sure about what I'm seeing.

I understand that the owner of the wallet 121orLQW2LanEtso2htwZSfZ3vV4toLKt6 received a payment of 0.0001 BTC from two different people, the owner of 1E9b2CvbB9pKT617zNbxoVNH65XqMjarPX and the owner of 1JXstXTaeg6eH3wCXvdC7TYSA8ntWAsPc8. But if this was the case (I think it's not), why are both payments grouped on the same transaction?

Also, if I click to enable advanced view at the bottom of the page, I see that the first paid 0.0001 and the second 0.00010782, however the overall income was 0.0001 instead of 0.0002+.

Basically, what I'm asking is if you can explain me the transaction on that link.

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The owner of 1E9b2CvbB9pKT617zNbxoVNH65XqMjarPX is likely the same person as the owner of 1JXstXTaeg6eH3wCXvdC7TYSA8ntWAsPc8. A single user can have as many addresses as they want. When the sender wished to send .0001 BTC to 121orLQW2LanEtso2htwZSfZ3vV4toLKt6, two of their addresses were emptied to meet the required amount.

The inputs sum up to .00020782, but only .0001 is sent to 121orLQW2LanEtso2htwZSfZ3vV4toLKt6. The remaining .00010782 was used as a miner's fee, and went to the miner who mined the block this transaction is included in.

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