$bitcoin->sendfrom($this->session->userdata('account'), $_POST['address'], number_format($_POST['amount'], 8));

but this isn't working. i got everything via json-rpc. but can't send or move money using json-rpc. what is the problem?


The suggested library for Bitcoin JSON-RPC via PHP is the EasyBitcoin-PHP library. Source

Here's a simple example:


$bitcoin = new Bitcoin("RPCusername", "RPCpassword"); 

//execute ternary command
$send = $bitcoin->sendtoaddress("1SomeBitcoinAddy", 1); 
echo $send ? $send : "Oops an error: ".$bitcoin->error;   

The first argument for sendtoaddress() is the address you want to send funds to, the second is the amount in whole bitcoins.

if(number_format($_POST['amount'], 8)>.00009){

$amount=number_format($_POST['amount'], 8);

$bitcoin->sendfrom($this->session->userdata('account'), $_POST['address'], (float)$amount);


echo "Tumbling is not possible vai php";


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