What is the best way to broadcast a transaction to the network programatically? I know that blockchain.info has /pushtx but I'm pretty sure it rejects XHR requests from external sources because of CORS.


You should not use an online service for broadcasting transaction. This online-service would have full control (censor?) over your transaction. The service could analyze your data behavior and/or decide to not broadcast your transaction regarding some rules.

Wladimir van der Laan (current bitcoin-core project maintainer) has written a neat tool: https://github.com/laanwj/bitcoin-submittx

Another option would be to install bitcoin-core, sync (takes serval hours and around 40GB traffic) and use RPC sendrawtransaction.

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  • or you can use of SPV and send RPC requests to it, fast and light. – Hamid Naghipour May 1 at 6:34

I found what I was looking for. Blockr.io has a good service for publishing transactions to the network. This is the url that you would send a post request to http://btc.blockr.io/api/v1/tx/push

Make sure to send it the transaction as a post request like this:

{"hex" : your transaction in hex}

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  • This service is down right now. so use of third party is not secure, block your trx, if it is down you can't use it – Hamid Naghipour May 1 at 6:38

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