I'm fairly new to coding, I understand the philosophy but I'm lacking practical application. Does anyone know any practical guides that will help me? I've completed most codeacademy courses.


You can integrate Shapeshift plugin in your website. Build something like this. That's a good way to start with. You can see an example here http://radelcorp.in/shp

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have you looked at the woocomerce plugin and btcpay?

The repository has instructions for deploying to wordpress.


BTCPay Documentation for Installing WooCommerce plugin

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I would refer you to the following for more details and i hope you will get answer there,


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  • Could you summarize the contents of that link so that this answer will still be useful if that site goes down? – Nick ODell Jun 21 '15 at 15:19
  • Link-only answers are considered very low quality. When posting a link in an answer, please check that you have covered some of the following questions in your post: What good is this? Why do you suggest it? What's there? What will I find if I click this? Is there something I can take away without clicking it? Put it here, just in case. See Discussion on Link-only answers for more information. – Murch Jun 23 '15 at 21:06

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