I am trying to push a raw transaction to blockr.io testnet using bitcore (current latest version 0.12.9) for node.js https://github.com/bitpay/bitcore

I have constructed my transaction like so:

var unspents=
[ { txid: '67b22a1874be2e748b2c904e2181f85a9d6503001e58c374e17b1161cd5a36f4',
    vout: 0,
    address: 'myHtNgECiAjBctWz1tM2TN2PupWwfHtgMi',
    scriptPubKey: '76a914c2f9958848c465efd042fcb76fef519f03a83ec288ac',
    amount: 100000,
    confirmations: 39 } ];

    var transaction=new bitcore.Transaction()
    .from(unspents) // there is one unspent of 0.001

console.log(transaction.isFullySigned()); // This returns true

When I POST this to blockr.io I serialize it:

'https://'+'t'+'btc.blockr.io/api/v1/tx/push'    // < t at the beginning is for testnet

{'hex':transaction.serialize()} // 0100000001f4365acd61117be174c3581e0003659d5af881214e902c8b742ebe74182ab267000000006a47304402204f5950a8f8e7346e96101da811452246d51741131310f58d5cfdc064e547d3dc02202b817a442bb043a1174fe0703082ebbd7bc622afc00084710be21fa143444d83012102bbe798da887604bdd360dd059061b48816634e44d9f54563af2c727b8bcb3e2fffffffff02a08601000000000017a9149ffdff1f3eea0deb21ed967b91c7ef3cce65b2d68750f2704e180900001976a914c2f9958848c465efd042fcb76fef519f03a83ec288ac00000000

The response I get back from blockr.io is:

[ { status: 'fail',
    data: 'Could not push your transaction!',
    code: 500,
    message: 'Did you sign your transaction?' },
  500 ]

Below is the transaction I sent but as JSON. I'm thinking there is something wrong with it?

    "scriptString":"71 0x304402204f5950a8f8e7346e96101da811452246d51741131310f58d5cfdc064e547d3dc02202b817a442bb043a1174fe0703082ebbd7bc622afc00084710be21fa143444d8301 33 0x02bbe798da887604bdd360dd059061b48816634e44d9f54563af2c727b8bcb3e2f",
"changeScript":"OP_DUP OP_HASH160 20 0xc2f9958848c465efd042fcb76fef519f03a83ec2 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",


I signed it with my private key then serialized it as blockr wants it in hex format does this mean I have got to somehow sign it after it's serialized or what?

And what is the deal with these large numbers:




Block chain info instead returns this error:

Unable To find all tx inputs [67b22a1874be2e748b2c904e2181f85a9d6503001e58c374e17b1161cd5a36f4]

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The problem is on this line:

amount: 100000,

The amount is supposed to be in coins, not satoshis, according these comments in the code. To fix it, replace that line with

satoshis: 100000,

And what is the deal with these large numbers:

Since the code was assuming an input with 100,000 coins in the inputs, the change address had a lot more coins in it than there should have been.

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