I'm dorking around with creating a TEST transaction using libbitcoin's bx command. Besides setting the inputs and outputs, the bx tx-encode sub-command allows one to specify lock_time and version. Any idea where one can look to find details about what the current version is for BTC and TEST transactions?

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You should use TX_VERSION = 1 and TX_LOCK = 0xFFFFFFFF for mainnet and testnet


% bx fetch-header -t 365307 -c bx-mainnet.cfg
header { bits 404063944
hash 00000000000000000eecb8c5dabfede194627d53fddfdb685103e5317a7e175e merkle_tree_hash 8b787ac50ec4e7d3890a917ff196938972f940304badd4f3ebb3c1a480d6eeeb nonce 3395429232
previous_block_hash 00000000000000000641fa532675b3e4fcf879cb5e4358895fa7b87e883b13d9
time_stamp 1436897984
version 3 }

% bx fetch-header -t 503223 -c bx-testnet.cfg
header { bits 486604799
hash 0000000001eee9c08d12c48f11414c45379e2e7b1b5b5318b012ba0e677609f1 merkle_tree_hash bb6dc83519a3246adca03a4eeb4d2a7c326693f8c1ed28b6e13824e90ecbde8a nonce 561008572
previous_block_hash 00000000000266ea01bc19141dffa2230e9897259d9ddc058cf41d97328477cb time_stamp 1436904967
version 3 }

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    This is about block versions (which are at 3, since BIP66 took effect). The question was about transaction versions (which have been at 1 since Bitcoin's creation). Jul 14, 2015 at 19:16
  • Thanks for clearing up the confusion between Block Versions and Transaction Versions.
    – skaht
    Jul 17, 2015 at 2:06

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