This is very closely related to Import wallet.dat into a new Bitcoin-Qt client, but I feel this is not a duplicate because the (great) answer to that Q is for only restoring one wallet.

I used Bitcoin-QT about a year back and had two separate wallets within it. I have these backed up as two separate wallet.dat files. After some computer wipe, I now need to restore the two wallets into the one Bitcoin-QT client.

Using the prior Q, I have been able to import one of the wallets back into the Bitcoin-Qt client. I now need to bring the other one in.

How can I import a second backup into my existing account, without the need of sending my first wallets amount to a separate external wallet?

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There is (yet) no multi wallet support in bitcoin-core.

You can try to stop Bitcoin-Qt, replace your wallet.dat (rename the old one, place the new one) and start Bitcoin-Qt. If your wallet is really old, it will perform a rescan for new transactions and this can take some minutes.

To merge your wallets:

  • Open Console and enter dumpwallet <filename>
  • Stop Bitcoin-Qt
  • Replace wallet.dat with your new wallet file (move the current wallet.dat file to a save place)
  • Start Bitcoin-Qt
  • Open Console and enter importwallet <filename>.
  • hey Jonas, does merging work between an HD wallet (v0.13.1) and a non-HD one(0.12.1)?
    – knocte
    Commented Jun 19, 2017 at 6:02

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