The title says it all. How can one perform a op_checklocktimeverify transaction using bitcoin core? I've searched around and I've found a few repo's on github but nothing about how to do it in the console. I was thinking it would be something that you would just tack onto the end of a raw tx like this:

createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"","vout":}]' '{"receive_address":0.02}' '{"op_checklocktimeverify":desired_block_height}'

OP_CHECKTIMELOCKVERIFYis not currently implemented in Bitcoin Core and thus can not be used.

  • This is no longer correct, see below. – Anonymous Dec 18 '15 at 7:43

OP_CHECKTIMELOCKVERIFY is implemented as of Bitcoin Core 0.11.2.

This release supports a soft fork to enable CLTV (BIP 65). CLTV is part of version 4 blocks. Once 951 blocks are mined with version 4 blocks, then the soft fork is complete on only version 4 blocks are valid from this point on.

You will need to construct the CLTV transaction using other software. Here is an example that requires bitcore (NodeJS):



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