Currently the NXT platform has the ability to store data in its blockchain, whereby making it a decentralized data storage system. But the thing is that the data is purged from a nodes blockchain every 2 weeks to reduce bloat and only keeps a hash of the file only. I read that you can host nodes that disable this pruning of the data and keep the data indefinitely. How can this be done?

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Yes you can disable data pruning by editing the config file at conf/nxt-default.properties

This would effectively make the node into an NXT Archival Data Node and I'd imagine you would be able to charge to retrieve old data in the future.

# Override the lifetime of prunable data to keep them longer, value in seconds.
# Set to -1 to disable pruning. Has no effect if set to less then the minimum
# required lifetime of two weeks (1209600 seconds) on mainnet, or 24 hours
# (86400 seconds) on testnet.

# Always include prunable parts in transaction json, as long as still available,
# even if expired.

Just change it to -1 and true in those settings.

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