As An example lets say i have 2 USB Miners each one has 16 GH/s can i combine these 2 to mine with 32 GH/s ?

And if yes pls tell me how.


Yes. To do this simply mine with both at the same time. A mining pool will never give out the same work twice. So mining with two 16 GH/s devices will be the same as one 32 GH/s device.

If you mine at the same mining pool with both then the pool will show you mining at 32 GH/s.


The answer is yes for USB based mining H/W hosted on the same computer. The bfgminer and cgminer mining applications can easily support multiple USB mining devices on the same computer.

However, the answer is no if you are mining from home behind a NAT firewall and are trying to point two or more different IPv4 based miners to the same mining pool server supporting Stratum (STM) or GetBlockTemplate (GBT) protocols. This is a NAT firewall issue.

  • Mining with multiple devices behind NAT works fine – Dr.Haribo Jul 26 '15 at 11:23

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