Is it possible to view the balance of an address at a specific height, without using any external web api?

Could it perhaps be done using bx or the Bitcoin client API?

  • bx does use external API's.
    – Nick ODell
    Jul 29, 2015 at 6:39

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This is relatively hard to achieve, because if you wish to allow querying any address at any height you deal with a LOT of data. You probably would need serve database server (cluster).

I'm pretty sure, getting a balance at a specific height from a specific address is not possible over a existing app or API.

You could try built it yourself with bitcoin-core as basis. Maybe have a look at the >1year old address index patch from Johnathan Corgan. But it would required additional to allow a API where you could define the height.

But caching every address at every possible height (Juli 29 2015: 367456, amount of addresses ~250k) is nearly impossible.

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