I'm receiving BitCoin payments via the blockchain.info api.

I notice it sends a confirmations parameter, and it also continues to call the callback url until the response is *ok*.

Instead of manually checking every x minutes via a third-party site to see whether or not txid has x confirmations, would it be possible to just not output *ok* until there is x confirmations?

I'm not sure whether or not the blockchain stops sending the callback, and was wondering if this is possible or not.



Yes, you can do that. Yes, it will eventually stop sending callbacks.

Expected Response

In order to acknowledge successful processing of the callback the server should respond with the text *ok*. If the server responds with anything else the callback will be resent again every new block (approximately every 10 minutes) up to 1000 times (1 week).


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  • Thanks for that. I implemented it a few days ago and seems to be working fine. – BlockChain Aug 7 '15 at 9:38

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