Everytime I restart my mining machine due to heat, I have to wait the following sequence to mine at p2pool:

bitcoind -> download blockchain & rescan -> p2pool -> download shares -> start mining

It took me about 10~20 minutes.

Can I substitute bitcoind with thin client (without having to download blockchain)?

*PS1. I know I can connect a remote bitcoind, but I am thinking the possibility of a thin client on a local machine.

PS2. Mining at public p2pool node is out of consideration.

  • You might consider Eligius, which offers decentralized mining without the requirement of a local bitcoind (you only need it if you want to do extra verification yourself). eligius.st
    – Luke-Jr
    Jun 11 '12 at 2:34

No. P2Pool, unlike a normal pool, requires you to verify incoming transactions, and you can't do this without having all of the unspent transactions in the block chain.


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