I installed the Armory application a few days ago, i downloaded the zipped file from the Armory site and install it on my Linux OS, today I found out that I can actually build from code. So I built it from the code available on the VC. I run the ArmoryQt.py python script, it gives me an error: e.g.

python ArmoryQt.py

Loading Armory Engine: Armory Version: 0.93.2 Armory Build: 73b533cb2a PyBtcWallet Version: 1.35 Detected Operating system: Linux OS Variant : ('Ubuntu', '14.04', 'trusty') User home-directory : /home/buildmds Satoshi BTC directory : /home/buildmds/.bitcoin/ Armory home dir : /home/buildmds/.armory/ ArmoryDB directory : /home/buildmds/.armory/databases Armory settings file : /home/buildmds/.armory/ArmorySettings.txt Armory log file : /home/buildmds/.armory/armorylog.txt Do wallet checking : True (ERROR) ArmoryQt.py:7085 - Socket already in use. Sending CLI args to existing proc. (ERROR) ArmoryQt.py:7089 - Exiting...

Does this mean it is conflicting with the other Armory application I installed?

Thanks for help, in advance

  • Looks like it is conflicting with an already running process, do you have another copy of Armory or Bitcoin Core open? – Anonymous Aug 26 '15 at 14:08
  • Yeah, thank you so much, I sorted it out, i am using ssh and I installed two instances on the remote machine manual installation of Armory and building Armory. – Nelly Aug 26 '15 at 14:55

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