I'm getting back into Bitcoin and have started pooling savings together into a wallet. I'm moving on to cold storage and need to order some metal cards to keep safe somewhere. I need to generate an AES 256 password protected key, but I also want to be able to generate a Vanity Address.

I ordered an HD58xx a long time ago because I was running a business that needed disposable vanity addresses (at the time it was faster than anything else out there, beating out top of the line HD79xx cards in vanity generation by about 50%), so I have something that can generate me an address quickly.

I used oclvanitygen in the past, but I believe the type of encryption it offers is outdated and is no longer really used in mainstream wallets. I'm coming back from the 2013-early 2014 era so I'm fairly out of the loop here.

My question is, how should I go about doing this? Would simply creating a key and manually encrypting it with AES256 suffice? What is the most commonly accepted configuration for this type of cold storage?

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