so basicly im using block io API. this is the respond:

  "status" : "success",
  "data" : {
    "network" : "BTC",
    "forwarding_private_key" : "L1xyqqzeM3V9mX2Cq75gudcD6HV7Vt6FfXzCEjQ5yKTH7wu43yhL",
    "forwarding_address" : "12eYNpH7chSAyTMcGCyq1rd93kURQSYHif",
    "to_address" : "16GyhGWV4xNEFRKLQ27CGY6epcRMg2mdWm"

this is a JSON right,,?? now i want to show only forwarding_address to user using javascript or PHP. can someone show me how to doit.

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Are you asking how to decode the JSON? Unless I'm missing something, that would just be json_decode($response)['data']['forwarding_address']

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