Is there any straightforward way to export just a list of my addresses I have in Receive money tab?
I would like to easily extract them to keep on the side to occasionally run curl on those addresses to get all unspent outputs for each without going to blockchain.info website and logging in.
I can do a copy-paste and grep whole content for addresses but maybe there is some more reliable way?

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You could use the blockchain.info wallet api to get a list of all of your addresses and their balances. The "Listing Address" endpoint is what you're looking for if you go that route, which is very easily curlable.


It won't show archived or deleted addresses, but if you actually have a balance on those addresses you probably wouldn't archive them anyway.

Blockchain.info Wallet API Documentation

You can also export your addresses from the wallet interface by going to the Account Settings > Import/Export > Export Unencrypted. All of your active addresses are in the big JSON document there.

  • Thanks. It's a pity that none of both provides same security level as copy-paste-grep as they are opening your account new vulnerabilities. Will open a FR in their repo.
    – jangorecki
    Sep 18, 2015 at 10:06

I also faced this problem. There is a neat trick to only copy a column in firefox http://www.alvinpoh.com/how-to-select-columns-of-text-in-your-browser-firefox/ (Just need to use Ctrl key) . For chrome install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/columncopy/lapbbfoohlcmlbdaakldmmallcbcbpjb?hl=en

Goto Receive Money Tab and in the list use Ctrl with mouse to select first coloumn and voila you have a list of addresses.

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